A Fun Craft - Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

A Fun Wine Cork Craft – Jewelry Holder

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Every time we open a bottle of wine, we add the cork to one of our many decorative wine cork cages. Seeing we LOVE wine, we tend to end up with a lot of corks. When the cork cages get too full, I always look for a fun wine cork craft. Recently, I decided to combine some of the corks with a spice rack from Ikea to create my girls a wine cork jewelry holder.

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder
A few years ago, I bought these spice racks at Ikea to use as little display shelves in my oldest daughter’s room. Well, after a major home renovation and moving her room, I never got around to rehanging the shelves. They just sat in the closet and until I came up with an idea.

I saw on Pinterest that someone attached round pegs to a flat piece of wood to create a holder for jewelry, scarfs, and other items. As I looked at the design, that’s when it hit me. The pegs looked almost like wine corks, and if I flipped the wood on its side, it could be a shelf with pegs allowing for both sitting and hanging storage. And, the Ikea shelves were perfect to use instead of a simple piece of wood.

In the end, I was able to create a wine cork jewelry holder that now hangs in my girls’ room over their vanity. It holds all their necklaces and bracelets and keeps them organized and out of the way.

If you are also interested in creating a wine cork jewelry holder, here is a list of materials and the steps that I followed.

A Fun Craft - Wine Cork Jewelry Holder


The materials for this project were pretty simple and all things I had around the house. I just love when I get an idea for a craft and I have everything on hand. That way, I can get to work right away and not have to wait until I can run to the right store.

To do the project, you will need:

Wine Corks for DIY Craft

Step 1

The first step is to paint the wine corks.

I had three colors of acrylic paint around the house and decided to use them all because they matched the girls’ bedroom. In the end, I had two pink, two purple, and one blue cork.

I did have to use more than one coat of paint, and the pink took a few coats to cover the wine cork’s printed design.


Step 2

Once the corks are dry, it’s time to glue them to the shelving. I used Gorilla Glue, but any strong adhesive that is made to be used on the cork and the material of your shelving should work.

You do want to ensure that the bond is strong enough to hold the weight of whatever you plan on hanging. Due to this, I would advise against hot glue as it normally does not have a strong enough bond for hanging.

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

Step 3

Hang the shelf and add your jewelry!

It’s really that easy to make. The part that took the most time was waiting for the paint to dry.

My girls love theirs. Seeing there are two of them and they keep getting more jewelry, I plan on using another one of the spice racks that is still sitting in the closet to make another one. It is a very easy wine cork craft.

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

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A Fun Craft - Wine Cork Jewelry Holder