Best Wine Making Supplies - Wine Bottle Corker

Best Wine Making Supplies – Wine Bottle Corker

When you start making wine at home, there are a lot of wine making supplies you need to purchase. One of the items you need to buy is a wine bottle corker.

A wine bottle corker is needed to compress a cork and insert it into a bottle of wine. While there are many different styles of corkers, I absolutely love the one we use. That is why I suggest that all at-home winemakers purchase a Wine Bottle Floor Corker.

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Why I Love the Floor Corker

The number one reason I love using the Wine Bottle Floor Corker is that it makes the process of bottling the wine quick and easy.

When my dad started making wine, he used a corker that had two downsides. First, you had to boil the corks to make them soft enough compressed. Therefore, it was a very time-consuming process. Second, it required a lot of strength. It was a real workout to cork the roughly 27 bottles that you get out of each batch of home-made wine.

Who wants to get a workout when bottling their wine? Not me!

The Wine Bottle Floor Corker takes no prep (other than filling the bottles with wine) and very little strength.

Watch to learn why I love the Wine Bottle Floor Corker and see it in action!

Is It Worth the Cost?

If you look on Amazon, you will see other corkers that are cheaper than the floor corker. Therefore, you might ask if the Wine Bottle Floor Corker is worth the price.

Simple answer – Yes!

The other corkers require more strength and sometimes additional steps. One even suggests that you also purchase a rubber mallet to help insert the cork!

While it might seem like an unneeded investment at first (especially when you are buying all the other wine making supplies), it’s not that much more of an investment in the long-run.

Think about it this way, while there are different floor corker models available, there is one available for roughly $70. One batch of wine typically yields around 27 bottles. That means it costs you a little less than $3 a bottle.

But, who buys all these wine making supplies to only bottle one batch? Each time you bottle a new batch of wine, that cost spreads out even more. After two batches – around $1.30 per bottle. After five batches – about $0.50 per bottle.

Also, if you follow my tips on how to save money when making wine at home, you can make up the cost of the corker in roughly one batch of wine.

If you are going to be serious about making wine at home, you need to invest in a Wine Bottle Floor Corker. It will be the best wine making supply you purchase during your wine making journey.

Best Wine Making Supplies - Wine Bottle Corker