Christmas Wine Glass Accessories

Christmas Wine Glass Accessories

Are you looking to dress up your wine glasses this season? Then you need some Christmas wine glass accessories!

From charms, stickers, and tags that help people identify their glass to festive wine glass toppers, Christmas wine glass accessories are perfect for any gathering this holiday season.

Check out our favorite Christmas wine glass accessories below.

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Wine Glass Stickers

Mark everyone’s glass at your next holiday party with these holiday wine glass markers.

The reusable stickers can be a part of your Christmas wine glass accessories for years to come.

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Christmas Wine Ring Charms

Wine glass charms are an easy way to dress up a wine glass and help people identify which drink is theirs during a holiday meal. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas wine galss accessories, then Christmas wine glass charms are a must! 

Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

Do you like the idea of wine glass charms but tend to use glasses that do not have a stem? Then magnetic wine glass charms are the Christmas wine glass accessories that you need this holiday season! Just stick them to the glass and be able to identify your drink from the crowd. 

Fun Glass Markers

Hosting a festive wine party this season? Then your guests might love these wine glass drink markers. 

With sayings like “My Christmas tree is bigger than yours” and “all my friends are on the naughty list,” these markers will be a hit at your party.

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Wine Glass Decals

These reusable wine glass decals are perfect for any holiday party. Just stick them to any type of glass and your guests will be able to identify which drink is theirs.

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Wine Glass Toppers

Trying to set the perfect but fun table for a holiday dinner? Add some Christmas cheer to the design with wine glass toppers! These Christmas wine glass accessories will give your guests something to talk about as they sit down for dinner.

Stem Tags

While wine charms are great, it’s still easy for guests to forget which charm was theirs. If you find that happening a lot with your guests, these wine glass tags might be just what you need!

Just write the drinkers name on the tag and slip it around the stem of the glass. Everyone will them be able to easily identify their wine glass during your holiday party.

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Christmas Wine Glass Accessories