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Hello! I’m Jamie! I am wine LOVER!

I am an at-home winemaker, a collector of wine glasses, and an enjoyer of red wine.

My dream is to one day own a winery. I don’t actually want to work at the winery, but to have own I can call my own, and enjoy a great glass of view while enjoying beautiful views.


Wineries and Wine Travel

Visiting wineries is a passion of mine.

Read posts about the wineries I have visited and other winery related tips and facts.

Also, check out how I am progressing with my goal of visiting a winery in all 50 US states.

Wine Products

I love wine glasses and anything else wine related. Whether it’s accessories for drinking wine or wine decor, I love it all!

Read posts are my favorite wine-related products and my suggestions for you!

Wine glasses


My husband and I have been making wine at home since 2011. We learned everything we know from my father who has been making wine for over 15 years.

Read posts all about being a home winemaker.

Recent Posts

Coastal Carolina Winery in Pawleys Island

Coastal Carolina Winery in Pawleys Island

Visiting a winery in every state is a goal of mine. Therefore, whenever vacationing in a state still on my list, I always see if there is a winery nearby. During a recent trip, I was able to cross South Carolina off my list.

14 Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts for Your Sweetheart

14 Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Are you shopping for gifts for your sweetheart for this Valentine’s day? If they love wine, you have come to the right place! Here are 14 Valentine’s Day wine gifts for you to celebrate your love with on February 14th. 

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