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The Nightmare Before Christmas Wine Glasses

Do you love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas? Then can you answer a question for us?

Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?

It has all the makings of a Halloween movie, but at the same time, it has Santa and Christmas!

The debate is strong on this topic, and the truth is, it can probably go either way.

So, how about this: It’s a movie for BOTH holidays! And, just like any other holiday flick, if it’s good, it’s good enough to watch ALL YEAR LONG!

Now that I have you planning on curling up on the couch and watching Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally, are you prepared to bring your movie love off the screen?

If so, you need one or more Nightmare Before Christmas wine glasses! See our favorite options below and order yours today!

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With Extra Christmas Cheer

If you’re on the Christmas side of the debate, then you need one of these Nightmare Before Christmas wine glasses. Each one brings out some extra Christmas spirit with Jack in a Santa hat and beard. 

Stemless Wine Glasses

If stemless wine glasses are you preferred style, here are few of our favorite designs. 

Colorful Wine Glasses

If stemmed wine glasses are more your style, be sure to check out these colorful Nightmare Before Christmas wine glasses.

In our opinion, all holidays deserve their own wine glasses and accessories. While these Nightmare Before Christmas wine glasses might work for both Halloween and Christmas, you might be looking for other ideas. Find more holiday specific wine glasses here:

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Nightmare Before Christmas, Wine Glasses, Dancing With Wine, Wine Products Blog