Traditional Anniversary Gifts for the Wine Lover

Traditional Anniversary Gifts for the Wine Lover

Wedding anniversaries are a time to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than by giving traditional anniversary gifts.

If you or your spouse are wine lovers and are looking for a wine-themed item, you are in luck. Check out this list of my favorite traditional anniversary gifts for years 1 through 15.

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1st Anniversary – Paper

With the traditional first-anniversary gift being paper, books make an excellent choice. The Wine Bites Cookbook provides many wonderful recipes to cook together and share, and The Booklovers’ Guide to Wine offers a great introduction to anyone who wants to expand their wine knowledge.

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

These cotton socks are the perfect gift for the couple that likes to cuddle on the couch and while enjoying a glass of wine. With a style for him and style for her, these socks are perfect for any wine-loving pair!

3rd Anniversary – Leather

Leather and travel seem to go hand-in-hand. Of course, when a wine lover travels, they need to bring along their favorite wines. The Bicycle Carrier and the Wine Tote Bag are the perfect gifts for anyone who wants to bring a bottle with them wherever they go.

4th Anniversary – Fruit & Flowers

With grapes being fruit, wine makes the perfect traditional anniversary gift for year four. For a unique way to display the wine, and to bring in the flower aspect, this Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack is a must give gift.

5th Anniversary – Wood

Engraved wood items make some of the best gifts for the 5th wedding anniversary. When marked with your names and wedding date, the Oak Aging Barrel and Wood Wine Corks will be cherished for years to come.

6th Anniversary – Iron

Many beautiful wine racks are made out of iron making them an excellent addition to the house on the sixth anniversary. With both floor standing and wall-mounted options, an iron wine rack looks great in any home.

7th Anniversary – Copper

With being such a beautiful color and material, anything copper can make a great gift. When the Copper Plated Wine Glasses and the Copper Wine Bottle Chiller are paired together, they can be used to create the perfect romantic evening at home.

8th Anniversary – Bronze

Bronze make a beautiful finish on so many products. When it comes to a wine-themed product for an 8th-anniversary gift, this elegant Wine Cart or Wine Cooler are perfect choices.

9th Anniversary – Pottery

The best thing about gifts made of pottery is that pottery items are typically handmade. This means that on your 9th anniversary, you have the opportunity to give a gift that was made just for them like the Blue and Gold Wine Chiller or the Blue and Gold Wine Chalice.

10th Anniversary – Tin

The traditional gifts for the 10th anniversary are made of tin. If your home runs on love, laughter, and wine, the Poster Tin Sign and the Retro Tin Mug are must-have gifts.

11th Anniversary – Steel

Steel is strong and made to last, just like your marriage. Cheers to 11 years of marriage with the Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses. For a perfect evening, pair the wine with cheese while using the Cheese Platter with Stainless Steel Cutlery.

12th Anniversary – Linen

The 12th-anniversary gifts of linen make for a cozy gift giving year. Cuddle up on the couch with the pillows covered in these Wine Pillow Case Covers while your wine stays at the right temperature with this Rapid Ice Wine Cooler.

13th Anniversary – Lace

With gifts of lace, the 13th anniversary is an elegant one. To bring the beauty into your special day, give your loved one a Lace Pattern Wine Glass or a Lace Wine Bottle Cover.

14th Anniversary – Ivory

For the 14th anniversary, the traditional gift is ivory. While I don’t support purchasing gifts made with real ivory, there are many wonderful gifts made of imitation ivory or in the color ivory. Two favorites are the Corkscrew Wine Opener and Corkscrew Wine Opener Set.

15th Anniversary – Crystal

After 15 years together, every couple deserves to add fine crystal items to their home. An elegant Crystal Wine Bottle Coaster or Crystal Red Wine Glasses are the perfect gifts.  

Cheers to your anniversary! I hope you find the perfect gift.
Traditional Anniversary Gifts for the Wine Lover